Bad First Date Ideas

29th June 2020 - 2 min read

Bad First Date Ideas

People have different preferences.

But of course, it’s pretty much universal when it comes to what is considered a good first date.

Take notes, gentlemen… here are some of the worst places to have your first date with someone you truly care about.

Fast-Food Establishments

Fast-food places? Really? The place couples often go to when looking for a lazy night in snuggled in bed watching Netflix? Come on, guys, class it up a little.

The atmosphere in a fast-food joint is very messy, noisy (especially if it caters to children), there’s no table service in most cases, and the food is not of the highest quality at all.

Have some class, please?

Night Clubs / Concerts

So this one should be obvious. When a first date occurs, communication is everything. A first date is designed to give each of you a total, uninterruptible connection to help you understand one another. The first date says a lot about whether the two of you are going to be a good couple or not… if there’s a future at all.

What about a small, cramped, clammy room with blaring music designed to deafen anyone nearby with sweaty people jumping and dancing all over the place says, “I want to connect with you and understand you.” 

This is a terrible way to have a first date with someone. In fact, this is a horrible way to connect with someone at all. You can’t talk, you can’t connect, you can’t bond.

Dinner With Family

This one can be a tad awkward. Meeting the parents is often a heightened milestone in a relationship, and casually slipping into it can be a slight… awkward occasion. 


Well, for starters, parents meeting your partner is something to be (dreaded - kidding!) anticipated for weeks, even months sometimes! In the meantime, you’re still understanding the person you want to call the ‘love of your life’, right? That means learning everything there is to learn about the person.

Wouldn’t it be an uncomfortable evening if you were to learn unsettling things about your partner at the exact same moment your parents did? 

We think it would.

Again, the first date is predicated on patience, understanding, and focus. You need to give your date your undivided attention during that first date and loud noises, other people, unwelcoming environments, and family can make that rather difficult.

Find a nice quiet place that you both enjoy, a place where you won’t be interrupted, put your phones away, and TALK TO ONE ANOTHER!

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