Why You're Still Single

6th July 2020 - 2 min read

Let’s be clear from the get-go: THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING SINGLE.

Now that we’re past the get-go, being single is nothing to be embarrassed or bad or insecure about. It doesn’t mean anything, it doesn’t change anything, it doesn’t make you look any different in the eyes of people that matter.

You don’t need to be in a relationship at a particular age, at a particular time in your life, at a particular ANYTHING! And don’t let anybody tell you otherwise!

In case you are wondering, however, here are some of the reasons you’re still single…

Not Very Social

Introverted? Don’t go out much? Suffer from agoraphobia, perhaps? 

Some people just don’t like to go out much. To the movies. To the supermarket. To clubs and bars alike. It’s just nature. Some people don’t like to go out. If you’re one of these people, you know where we’re coming from, especially when we say you most likely don’t meet many new people, right?

Of course, how are you supposed to meet new people, preferably a boyfriend or girlfriend, if you don’t go out and meet new people? How are people supposed to spot you, get to know you closely, understand you and then, eventually, develop feelings for you if you never go out? 

Try implementing some small changes, organise some outings with friendship groups.

Haven’t Moved On

This is a very common one: the ex syndrome.

Depending on how long a relationship has lasted in the past, you may still have residual feelings for your ex. A relationship could last six months, a year, five years, it doesn’t matter. Nor does it matter how long you’ve been a part from them.

It can be very difficult to move on when existing feelings still rest with you for an ex. However, at the same time, meeting somebody new can remove those old feelings for an ex as much as having old feelings for an ex can halt meeting somebody new entirely.

Low Self-Esteem

This is something that affects many people, boys and girls, men and women alike. Suffering from low self-esteem stems from a number of different sources and affects people differently.

It can stem from:

  • Past abusal relationships
  • The way you were raised
  • Bullying 
  • Not being comfortable with your physical appearance
  • Not being comfortable with your job
  • Not being comfortable with your living arrangement

There are a plethora of reasons why you’re single, and while most of them may be your doing, not all of them will be. But there are a lot of things you can do to improve your odds of finding the right person in your life.

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