What are Safety Filters?

Safety Filters are security settings that can be turned on and off depending on what kinds of messages you want to be able to receive from other users on Hello Dating. There are 3 kinds of Safety Filters: Explicit Language, Personal Details, and Sexual Language.

If any of these Safety Filters are turned on, and a message that violates that Safety Filter is sent, it will be received as "Blocked by Safety Filter" in the chat screen with another user.

The Explicit Language Safety Filter prevents obscenities, curse words, or crude language from reaching you in chats with other users. The Personal Details Safety Filter prevents users that request addresses, personal numbers, email addresses, etc. The Sexual Language Safety Filter prevents sexually explicit advances of any kind.

When attempting to send a message to another user that has Safety Filters active, you will receive a pop-up warning, informing you of this. You are free to send the message anyway, but you will incur a penalty against your account that may lead to a 48 hour ban from messaging other users.

Follow the steps:

  1. Tap the Profile Icon User Settings.
  2. Tap Safety Filters.
  3. Select from the list of Safety Filters you wish to enable or disable.

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